Project Objectives


Project Objectives - Clinical Research

  • Characterize the clinical features and natural history of MacTel from the earliest to the vision-threatening stages
  • Collect genetic samples of affected individuals and their families to establish whether there is a genetic basis for the disease.
  • Promote and publicize the disease amongst their colleagues in the ophthalmic community as an important subject for research
  • Gather evidence on the results of any treatments that have already been employed for patients with MacTel
  • Conduct pilot clinical trials for MacTel of therapies that are emerging for the treatment of other retinal vascular diseases
  • Develop and support a Web site to provide information for the benefit of patients with MacTel.

Research Objectives - Laboratory Research

  • Produce a more detailed understanding of the pathogenetic mechanisms of MacTel emphasizing both early and critical stages
  • Identify a mouse model(s) for MacTel
  • Clarify the genetic basis for MacTel in mouse models and humans
  • Identify potential novel treatments
    •  drugs
    • cytokines
    • human progenitor cells